Microsoft Envision: US Healthcare Summit - Pharmaceuticals

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Microsoft Envision: US Healthcare Summit - Pharmaceuticals


Discover innovative new technologies and hear firsthand from industry leaders. They’ll discuss key aspects that will shape the healthcare of the future, from the current workforce crisis to the transformation of the patient experience.

Here’s what you can expect:

Welcome (5 minutes)

Join Deb Cupp, President of Microsoft US, to learn about Microsoft´s commitment to digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

Combating the workforce crisis from the inside (15 minutes)

The root cause of burnout is the workplace, not the worker. Intermountain Healthcare joins Microsoft to discuss ideas to create the sustainable workforce of the future by transforming the workplace.

Broadening the boundaries of the healthcare ecosystem (15 minutes)

CVS Health shares a case study on how patient care improves when the healthcare industry joins forces with other consumer sectors.

A Fireside Chat with Dr. Michele Harper (15 minutes)

Dr. Michele Harper, emergency room physician and author of the New York Times-bestseller The Beauty in Breaking, shares the critical role diversity and inclusivity play in empowering patients and providers alike, and the importance of making peace with the past while drawing support from the present.

Building the pharma supply chain of the future (25 minutes)

A discussion about digital ecosystems and their newfound supply chain value featuring GlaxoSmithKline, Accenture and Mike Walker, author of Rewire!

A Fireside Chat with Lex Gillette – No need for sight when you have a vision (15 minutes)

Discuss Lex’s incredible journey from losing his sight at an early age to his inspirational achievements as a Paralympic athlete and beyond, and the message of inclusivity and empathy he has found critical along the way.

Learn how you can bring technology into your strategy for better healthcare.

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Deb Cupp
Microsoft US           


Seraphine Kapsandoy
PhD RN, Chief Clinical Information Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Kyu Rhee
MD, MPP, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Aetna,
CVS Health


Dr. Michele Harper
New York Times Bestselling Author

Lex Gillette
Paralympic Athlete,
Team USA


Clifford Goldsmith
MD, US Chief Medical Officer
Microsoft Health and Life Sciences

David Rhew
MD, Global Chief Medical Officer and Vice Presient of Healthcare,


Daniel Carchedi
Senior Director of Business Development and Strategy
Microsoft Health and Life Sciences

Mike J. Walker
author, "REWIRE! Using the Digital Ecosystem Playbook to Reinvent Your Business


Diane Krisciunas
SVP Pharma Supply Chain Technology

Anne Marie O'Halloran
Managing Director, Industry X & Supply Chain – Life Sciences
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