Resilience in volatility: modernizing the supply chain

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Resilience in volatility: modernizing the supply chain

Supply-chain disruptions and shocks have upended industries around the world, and business leaders are considering new ways to keep operations steady under pressure. These disruptions have resulted in shortages and rising prices for products and services.  

This confluence of challenges—and their impact to consumers—has thrust supply chains into the spotlight. Industries worldwide are reviewing their supply chains from end to end, and companies are looking for solutions that add more stability to the balance between efficiency and robustness. 

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  • Three key areas to address to unlock the benefits of a modern supply chain, including operational disruptions, lack of visibility, and insufficient forecasting.
  • Critical technology investments needed to build an agile, flexible, and resilient supply chain including artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), cloud, digital supply chain twins, Internet of Things (IoT) intelligence, and robotics.
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