Resilience at Work US Summit

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Resilience at Work US Summit

Thursday, February 4, 2021 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT

Build resilience at work

Which companies are most likely to thrive? Those that have built the ability to tackle ambiguity and unpredictability—in a word, resilience.

Yet, it’s easy to get lost in the magnitude of a digital transformation. A recent Boston Consulting Group study reveals that fewer than 30% of companies successfully capture value from their digital transformation. Success requires three fundamental approaches:

With a data-driven, action-oriented plan supported by a technologically empowered workforce, leaders can implement transformation that delivers sustainable, breakthrough performance.

Companies need a clear path forward to resolve problems and find the right transformation levers. The Resilience at Work US Summit on Feb 4, 2021, will provide a roadmap for capturing value from your digital transformation.

Building blocks of resilience

Stories of resilience

What to look forward to:

  • Perspectives from leading consultancies and authors, including Boston Consulting Group, on why resilience works, what it means to be resilient, and what US business leaders and companies must do to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.
  • Transformational stories with insights and learnings that are actionable across all the dimensions of resilience. Hear from US customers including EY, Providence, American Hospital Association, Georgia Office of the State Treasurer, and HP.
  • Resilient workforce
    Renowned work place thought leader and author of the best selling guide Work Smarter, Live Better, Cyril Peupion gives practical advice and actionable insights to help build resilient, high-performing teams.
  • Resilience for small and medium businesses
    TEDx speaker Coach and Lee Company CFO Rob Ivy shares practical guidance for keeping your small or medium business up and running and making the most out of your workforce and technology investments.
  • Brain science and the future of work
    Dr. John Medina works primarily in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries on research related to mental health. He reveals what the latest neuroscience tells us about the future of humans at work.

Your organization can thrive in the face of change. Whether you’re on a digital transformation journey or just getting started, this event will help you manage the change in your own companies. Join us on February 4 to learn how and share your resilience journey on social media using #WeAreResilient.



Kate Johnson
President, Microsoft US

Kelly M. Rogan
Corporate Vice President of Commercial Strategy, Microsoft

Sydne Mullings
General Manager - Central Marketing Organization
US Marketing and Operations

Jacky Wright
Chief Digital Officer and Corporate Vice President, Microsoft US

Robyn Begley
CEO, American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) and AHA SVP and chief nursing officer

Kurt DelBene
Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Core Services Engineering and Operations, Microsoft

Jared Spataro
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365

Tyler Bryson
Corporate Vice President of Microsoft US Partner Group

Cyril Peupion
Productivity Thought Leader and Author

Phillip Andersen
Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Bill Wyatt
CIO, Georgia Office of the State Treasury

John Medina
Affiliate Professor, Bioengineering, University of Washington School of Medicine

Gretchen O’Hara
Microsoft VP US AI & Sustainability Strategy

Alison Santore
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Social Responsibility Providence

Amy Brachio
Global Business Consulting Leader, EY

Tsedal Neeley
Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Rob Ivy
CFO at Lee Company

Daniel Martinez
VP, Support Experience and Digital, HP Inc.
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