Microsoft Virtual Government Summit

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Microsoft Virtual Government Summit

December 11, 2019 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PT

The key imperative of government is to serve the people, but today’s citizens have evolved a different perspective on service. Technological advances across industries have shaped the customer experience to deliver greater efficiency, real-time support, and more effective personalization. Government organizations have to update their services to adapt to citizen demands while maintaining their focus on security and compliance.

Register now to join Microsoft for a live, virtual event focused on equipping you with the confidence to lead your government organization to the next generation of service. You’ll learn all about adopting a “tech intensity” philosophy to drive your organization forward.

Key themes and agenda highlights include:

  • Developing a tech-forward philosophy. What is “tech intensity”? How can you apply it? Hear a pre-recorded session from Microsoft’s CEO and industry leaders on adopting a new mindset to drive transformation across your organization.
  • Learning more about Microsoft Azure for Government. Take a deeper technological dive into Azure and discover aspects of the cloud that will shape innovation across teams and processes.
  • Discovering emerging trends in government leadership. Hear from industry experts on future technology trends for government and how to realistically leverage technology to stay ahead of the demands of constituents as well as upcoming challenges.

Get important insights from these experts:

  • Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft [pre-recorded]
  • Ashish “Yosh” Kakkad, Chief Information Officer, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
  • Stuart McKee, National Technology Officer, Microsoft
  • Michael Mattmiller, Director, Government Affairs, Microsoft
  • Dana Barnes, Vice President, State & Local Government Enterprise Operating Unit, Microsoft
  • Tom Moen, Cyber security Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

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Satya Nadella
Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft
Dana Barnes
Vice President, State & Local Government Enterprise Operating Unit

Michael Mattmiller
Director, Government Affairs
Stuart McKee
National Technology Officer

Tom Moen
Cyber security Solutions Specialist
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