Engaging customers face-to-face will keep them returning.

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Engaging customers face-to-face will keep them returning.

Retail workers require the right tech to thrive in a digital retail world.

After months of lockdown, shoppers desire in-store experiences that make them feel valued. Providing your staff with powerful technology will help deliver on customer expectations, drive purchases and keep customers coming back.

Great customer experience starts with the right tech on the shop floor.
With higher customer expectations, modern, integrated devices are key to delivering amazing shop-floor experiences. This includes easy-to-use, connected kiosks for efficient self-service as well as interactions with staff empowered to access vital stock information, manage orders and complete transactions right there, with their customers.

It’s crucial back-of-house workers have multi-functional devices.
With shifting business models, back-of-house workers require robust, functional tools that connect them to work applications and processes, and to the people around them. Devices that help them complete their jobs with greater speed and less friction are vital.

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