The changing office of a Modern Workplace

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The changing office of a Modern Workplace

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Today’s working spaces have to give people options. Especially with the rise of the digital nomad – the highly flexible worker who wants to set their device down anywhere they like, whether it’s in a private work pod or on a bench outside in the sunshine.

The recent trend has been to create open spaces and use fewer physical desks. But you can’t force teamwork simply by knocking down walls. You need to design your spaces with a purpose in mind to create a productive, collaborative environment. Unfortunately, while the tools we use to achieve this have changed, many of the spaces we use them in haven’t.

What does an office mean to you? Is it the classification you give for the place you go to every day or could we be thinking more hollistically? During this session, we will highlight what the Modern Workplace is and the ways in which it can help enhance performance, drive successful teamwork and reduce barriers always in a secure environment. Achieve where you are and not where you go!