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Excel is powerful. But that does not mean you should use it to do everything.

Here are four things that Excel cannot do, and that can easily be accomplished with Microsoft Project:

- Create dependencies between tasks;
- Automatically adjusts project tasks according to their progress;
- Perform “What-if” analysis to compare scenarios;
- Create dashboards and reports with project data.

When it comes to Project Management, Scheduling, Execution, Resource Management, Portfolio Optimization, Excel is simply not enough. And if you are trying to follow that path, we know you will have bumped into some blockers.

Watching this session will help you save time and add some structure to your plans.

Andy Willis
Solutions Specialist for PPM at Microsoft.

Over twenty years' experience helping customers implement complex enterprise software solutions. His role at Microsoft focuses on leading Microsoft Office 365 Project Online cloud sales engagements in enterprise organizations across industries, while supporting the wider sales community with good practice when discussing Portfolio and Project Management.