Microsoft Teams helps organisations retain Frontline workers

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Microsoft Teams helps organisations retain Frontline workers

Frontline workers are one of the key groups affected by the Great Reshuffle (a phenomenon where workers are moving jobs at higher rates post-COVID). Turnover represents an enormous cost to businesses, so equipping frontline workers with Teams presents incredible ROI, in addition to making these workers' lives better. New information from the 2022 Work Trend Index report shows what 3 things employers can do to keep their frontline:

  1. Rebuilding culture on the frontlines - achieved through Viva Connections
  2. Prioritising and modernize training - achieved through Viva Learning
  3. Empowering frontline workers with the latest tech - achieved through other Teams apps like Shifts, Tasks, WalkieTalkie and PowerApps, as well as devices like SurfaceGo and 3rd parties where we have integrations (Jabra, Samsung, Realwear)

Join this webinar to learn how to connect Frontline workers with Microsoft Teams. Keep your frontline happy and keep them on your team.
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