Microsoft Tech Days: A Developer’s Guide to AI 

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Microsoft Tech Days: A Developer’s Guide to AI 

Date: Tuesday 24th November 
Time: 12.30-3.30pm GMT 
(1.30pm CET, 7.30am EST)

Join us on Tuesday 24th November at 12.30pm GMT for the first of our Tech Days Series of events, presented by Microsoft UK.

Each of our Tech Days events incorporates a series of sessions on a technical topic, interspersed with guests from the technical community, as well as stories from Microsoft customers & partners. 

In our first edition,host Amy Boyd will bring you A Developer's Guide to AI. Perhaps you've heard about Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals - a technical certification for engineers, data scientists and developers? This Tech Day is a great way of getting started in your AI journey and working towards certification. It's also a great way of introducing yourself to some of the AI & Machine Learning features available in Azure, from a developer perspective. 

What to expect
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but with machine learning (ML) applying a paradigm change to how we approach building products, we’re all exploring how to expand our skill sets and enhance our applications.

We won’t be able to teach you how to become a data scientist in the 3 hours we have – however what we can do is show you how to build on your current developer skills to integrate AI services into your business applications and also set you up on your journey to become certified in AI Fundamentals.

We plan to show you interesting technology through the lens of real business scenarios and to do that we’ll introduce you to Tailwind Traders. Tailwind Traders is a retail company looking for support on how to benefit from applying AI across their business. In 'Developers Guide to AI’ we’ll show how Tailwind Traders have solved business challenges and implemented AI technologies.

In this learning path you’ll see a wide range of examples - dealing with different types of data (text, audio, image, unstructured), sharing best practices around unstructured search and conversational AI or taking your next step in learning more about machine learning theory with low code solutions. 


12.30pm Welcome to the show
12.40pm Introducing Computer Vision for Automation in Changing Times
12.55pm Community Interview
1.05pm Extracting Value from Text and Audio to Inform Business Strategy
1.20pm Community Interview
1.30pm Making Sense of your Unstructured Data with AI
1.45pm Customer Interview
1.55pm Improve Customer Engagement and Productivity with Conversational AI
2.10pm Product Group Interview
2.20pm Start Building Machine Learning Models Faster than You Think
2.35pm Getting started on your Data Science journey
2.45pm Q&A/Summary Session
3.10pm Session Close