Microsoft Tech Days: An Introduction to Power Platform

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Microsoft Tech Days: An Introduction to Power Platform

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Microsoft Tech Days: An Introduction to Power Platform

Join us for our Tech Days series of events, presented by Microsoft UK.

Each of our Tech Days events incorporates a series of sessions on a technical topic, interspersed with guests from the technical community, as well as stories from Microsoft customers & partners.

Hosts Tricia Sinclair and Chris Huntingford will bring you An Introduction to Power Platform. Whether you’re an IT Professional wanting to understand how to secure and govern Power Platform or a developer wanting to discover how to build and extend the apps and services you create, this is for you.

Perhaps you’ve heard about Power Platform Fundamentals – a technical certification for technical professionals? This Tech Day is a great way of getting started on your Power Platform journey and working towards certification. It’s also a great way to hear from some experts in the Power Platform community and examples of how the Power Platform has transformed the way they work.

What to expect:
Power Platform is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but you may not understand how Power Platform can help you in your role as a developer or IT Professional.

We won’t be able to teach you how to become a Power Platform expert in the 2 hours we have – however what we can do is show you how to build on your current developer and IT Pro skills to integrate Power Platform into your workflow and also set you up on your journey to become certified in Power Platform Fundamentals.

During each session we’ll cover:

1. The core benefits of the Power Platform
2. The art of the possible


Welcome to the show
Why would you even want to use the Power Platform? Tricia Sinclair and Chris Huntingford
How does the platform scale for you? Claire Edgson and Jese Navaranjan
Manage, Monitor and secure the Power Platform? GreyHatBeard Dudes
Snapping the Power Platform Digital bricks together: Kyle Hill
Attaching price to value within the Power Platform: Simon Owen & Laura Graham-Brown
Live Q&A with the speakers
Session close