Closing the loop on sustainable supply chains

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Closing the loop on sustainable supply chains

Sustainability is not a new consideration in organisation’s supply chain design and operation. Efforts have long been made to minimise impact through operations, production, warehouse consolidation, recycling, and packaging.

Traditionally, cost and service have been the most important factors for a successful supply chain. But now, sustainability is a new driving force to judge a company’s ultimate performance. Sustainability has become the driving force for innovative products, processes, and systems for next-generation manufacturing and the supply chains that support them.

There is however a lot of complexity, and several contributing themes, that affect this position. In our report, Closing the loop on sustainable supply chains, we’ll explores the key themes organisations must address to deliver the sustainable and resilient supply chain of the future. Learn how to:

  • Understand the current and emerging challenges facing supply chains.
  • Embrace new technologies and processes such as AI and automation to optimise the value chain.
  • Drive a combination of talent, technology, and strong leadership for future success.
  • Become more resilient and ready for competitive growth.

We will show you how a circular supply chain model encourages businesses to achieve cost efficiencies, facilitate product innovation, create less waste, less excess inventory and minimise their environmental impact. Underpinning this is digital technology such as the cloud, IoT, AI, machine learning and automation to drive transparency, richer insights, resilience, and innovation.

Finally, learn how to empower your employees with the skills and tools to drive this sustainable supply chain effectively, break down siloes to create a connected business, and balance the complexities of environmental and societal challenges for competitive growth and resilience.
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