Transforming education to prepare
the next generation of workers

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Transforming education to prepare the next generation of workers

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The skills needed for the future are evolving as a result of digital transformation and the effect of the pandemic. It is more important than ever that the skills taught in formal education are connected with the workplace. We believe that to be successful, today’s students need to start preparing now for the roles they’ll fill in the future.

Microsoft research has identified two key areas for growth. Using LinkedIn data, we anticipate the need for more than three million skilled people in UK technology careers over the next five years.  Alongside this, a Microsoft study with Goldsmiths, University of London, identified just 27% of UK leaders believe the education system offers adequate training for pupils right now, while even fewer (24%) are confident that the government is doing enough to tackle the skills gap.  Two-thirds (67%) feel there should be greater public investment in digital skills training and education (taken from the research)

We have worked with a number of universities and colleges to build programs to support education institutions and students of all ages to experience various technologies and learn the concepts and tools they’ll need to fill the most in-demand jobs of the future. 

Hear from Chris Rothwell, Director of Education, Microsoft UK, Derek Foster, Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Lincoln and John Murphy, Director of Digital Technologies at Nottingham Trent University on how our educational institutions are working to the close skills gap and prepare our students and educators for the future.

Please note, any resources or links shown within the On-demand event recording are no longer available. Should you wish to browse our full On-demand Digital Skills Week please click here.