Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

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Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

How can organisations go about creating a culture of digital transformation that is agile enough to evolve alongside new technologies while fostering a sense of empowerment and collaboration among employees?

Following on from last year’s report Digital Transformation: The Age of Innocence, Inertia or Innovation?, this report Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation is designed to delve deeper into the factors, obstacles and attitudes influencing UK organisations’ ability to succeed as they navigate their own unique digital transformation journeys.

Using a combination of field research, interviews with subject matter experts and business leaders, an online YouGov survey, workshops, and a chatbot study to capture real-time feedback from employees, we then developed and tested hypotheses against each of the seven dimensions.

Key findings:

  • 53% of UK business leaders say their industries will face digital disruption over the next two years 
  • Yet almost half say their organisation has no formal digital transformation strategy in place 
  • Of those transforming, just 23% are undertaking a major cultural transformation programme in support 
  • This is despite those programmes creating anxiety, fear of change and job security concerns amongst employees

As our study findings show, the majority of organisations are at the beginning of their journey to adopting a true culture of digital transformation. Take the right steps now, and the digital culture that’s created will be positive, agile and long-lasting.

Download our Culture of digital transformation report and find out how leading UK organisations are combining cultural and digital transformations to ensure success.

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