Microsoft and GitHub DevOps Forum: DevSecOps

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Microsoft and GitHub DevOps Forum: DevSecOps

With DevOps, multiple engineering teams deliver value at scale. How do you ensure you also improve security in your organisation by standardising design, resources, compliance and cost control? Practices such as automation, collaboration, code security and fast and early feedback provide a great foundation to build security into DevOps processes.

Join us for an exclusive half day virtual forum, where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from GitHub, Microsoft and Black Marble and learn how to shift-left the responsibility for ensuring stability and security of your applications, how to bring development, security and operations together and design, plan and implement automated security control, compliance and vulnerability assessments for every deployment. We will also be sharing some real-world examples of how our customers have prospered after incorporating a DevSecOps approach. 

Even if you have deeply-rooted existing processes, legacy software, and multiple teams and projects, you can learn how to unlock your company’s DevSecOps potential.

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