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Heralded as perhaps the “next big thing” to hit the technology—and enterprise—world, the Internet of Things (IoT) is on track for a promising future. McKinsey estimates that by 2025 IoT could unleash as much as $2.3 trillion in new economic value. There’s no denying its potential, but many organizations still have questions and concerns about IoT security. You probably do too. Is it really that safe to connect my devices? By doing so, am I inadvertently creating a pathway throughout my entire network? How do I make sure that my data going to the cloud is secure?

Join speakers Colin Masson, Director, Manufacturing Industry Solutions, Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Group and Leandro Do Carmo Iwase, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Group for our webinar, Are my robots going to attack me? Tips for a secure IoT strategy, to examine IoT security strategies and discover how to bolster yours with secure devices, safe connections, and a trustworthy cloud. During this webinar and live Q&A, our IoT and cloud security experts will walk you through best practices for making sure you’re as safe as you can—and should—be with IoT. Register today to learn:

  • Tips for a more secure IoT strategy
  • How to recognize weak links in your IoT operations
  • Why Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions and investments make Azure a trusted cloud for IoT

Don’t miss this chance to learn about more IoT and the future of integrated technology. And don’t worry, we won’t mention anything about the robot uprising… we’ve already said too much…

We look forward to you joining us.

Colin Masson

Director Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Leandro Do Carmo Iwase

Senior Product Marketing Manager