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E-book: The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016

Take advantage of IT innovation while reducing security risks and disruptions. With Windows Server 2016, get new layers of security, datacenter efficiency, and agility in application development backed by Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s largest cloud datacenters.

Download the free e-book to learn about the latest technology in Windows Server 2016 and what it means for your organization. Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • Better protect credentials, the operating system, and virtual machines (VMs) with just-in-time administration and shielded VMs
  • Improve datacenter efficiency with virtualization, software-defined storage, and networking
  • Deliver application innovation with improved security, new modernization capabilities, and cloud-native app development

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server includes an 18-page overview and 180-page deep-dive.


Microsoft uses the latest Intel Cloud Technologies to deliver performance and reliability that can handle your data-demanding and transaction-intensive business applications.

"With Microsoft Azure we could develop and test using IaaS instead of investing in servers at our hosting providers. The time savings throughout the process was enormous.”


"By running SAP in Azure, we can focus on growing and selling kiwifruit. We’re happy to let Microsoft and our partner Datacom manage our IT infrastructure so we can scale without limits."