How technology helps business maximize the value of ideas

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How technology helps business maximize the value of ideas

When competition is tough and you’re under pressure to stand out, it’s often just one inspired idea that makes a difference.

These ideas can emerge from any part of the business, from any member of the workforce.

So how can you foster a better working environment in which people are equipped and empowered to generate new thinking?

How can you support them to collaborate and connect with colleagues, so they then transform those ideas into products, services, and actions that make a meaningful difference?

We believe the tools they use are incredibly important. One-size-fits-all desktops simply won’t do the job. Mobile devices need to be truly mobile. And people’s valued software and services should be available to them wherever they choose to work.

Microsoft Surface devices, together with Windows 10 and Office 365, are designed to help people capture, develop, share, refine, and implement their ideas in the most creative and productive ways possible.

In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • How these tools work perfectly together, unlocking creativity in the workplace.
  • How they are bringing ideas to life for real-life businesses today.
  • How the Surface portfolio offers a choice of devices for different ways of working