Inside the Microsoft Customer Experience Center

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Inside the Microsoft Customer Experience Center

Leverage insights and learnings from the Microsoft Customer Experience Center to learn how your organization can start your own

Connecting with your audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey is critical. From extending a virtual handshake to those who are still “anonymous” and not yet in your funnel, to creating opportunities with those who are deeper in the consideration phase, to cementing the bonds that turn customers into raving fans, a robust social media program is critical to nurturing these relationships.

At Microsoft, we have deep experience in creating these relationships with audiences through social media. At the center of it all is the Microsoft Customer Experience Center, which supports 30 of our core brands and audiences through engagement, content, listening and paid media. Now, any organization or business, regardless of size or industry can leverage the insights and learnings that we’ve gained through our program with these in-depth resources:

  • E-BOOK SERIES - Customer Engagement at Scale:
    • Part 1: Building a Customer Experience Team
    • Part 2: Content, Creativity and Collaboration
  • VIDEO MODULES - Inside the Microsoft Customer Experience Center:
    • The basics of a successful social media program
    • What makes a good community manager
    • Insights on driving customer engagements
    • Why social listening is critical for every organization
    • How reporting is used to measure success
    • How creative content is produced
    • Why a social engagement program is important for any business

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