You learned the fundamentals in the popular Body-Worn Camera: Lessons from Early Adopters Policy Guide. Now, get more insights in the The Insider’s Guide to Police Body-Worn Video.

Law enforcement agencies across the United States and around the world are moving toward body-worn camera technology -- to strengthen evidence documentation and transparency which can improve both prosecutions and community trust.

Agencies want to understand important issues surrounding this technology including policy, privacy and compliance, and how they can benefit from the untapped benefits beyond the camera that can be enabled by cloud-based data management. So where should police agencies start when it comes to body-worn video technology?

In this guide, you will get insights on important topics such as:

  • Policy best practices for deploying body-worn cameras
  • Why the IACP recommends Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) compliance for police body-worn camera data
  • How compliance applies to the entire lifecycle of video data
  • How cloud-based video data management helps departments be more effective

Body-worn camera technology is a part of more informed police work. Learn valuable lessons from departments that have deployed this technology and have already seen results in The Insider’s Guide to Police Body-Worn Camera Video.