Microsoft AI for Earth: Earth Day Community Event

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Microsoft AI for Earth: Earth Day Community Event

22nd April 2020 at 13:00 - 14:00

On Earth Day, we’ll be discussing how Artificial Intelligence is being used to tackle the climate crisis. You’ll hear from Microsoft UK's sustainability experts, the Alan Turing Institute, and three members of the Microsoft AI for Good Cohort: EcoSync, Recycleye and OrxaGrid. We look forward to welcoming you!

Read more about Microsoft’s approach to environmental sustainability here.


13:00 - Welcome and Sustainability at Microsoft:
Eve Joseph, UK Responsibility Manager, Andrew Quinn, Digital Architect – both from Microsoft UK as well as Alma Cardenas, Global AI for Earth Programme Manager.
Insights into Microsoft’s global sustainability strategies including the most recent announcements.
13:15 - Tackling air pollution with Azure AI – the Alan Turing Institute:
Hear from Theo Damoulas, Deputy Programme Director for Data-Centric Engineering and Turing Fellow, on the Urban Air Pollution project.
The Turing are working with the Greater London Authority to use machine learning to measure and analyse London air pollution quality to design better policy interventions and improve urban quality of life.
13:30 - Microsoft AI for Good cohort introductions:
Zsuzsa Mayer, CEO of EcoSync, Victor Dewulf, CEO of Recycleye, and Akshat Kulkarni, CEO of OrxaGrid. You will be introduced to 3 amazing stories and how these Start Ups are tackling societal issues thanks to AI.
13:45 – DEFRA - Sustainability in Practise Q&A:
Mattie Yeta, UK Government & DEFRA Sustainability Management will chat to Ellen Wilson, Public Sector Industry Executive at Microsoft about the different DEFRA initiatives which are supporting the delivery of UK government’s sustainability objectives.
14:00 Closing Comments