DevOps on Azure


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DevOps on Azure

31 October 2017 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Delivering continuous value to your customers using modern application development practices and DevOps on Azure


Ahmed Sabbour
Global Black Belt – Technology Solution Professional – Application Development (Containers, OSS and DevOps)
Ahmed works with customers for their cloud transformation through adoption of DevOps practices and modern cloud application development patterns on Microsoft Azure.

Renat Minazdhinov
App Innovation Product Marketing Lead, Cloud+Enterprise, Microsoft Middle East and Africa HQ
Renat’s primary responsibility is to drive Cloud App Development and broad Application Innovation scenarios at enterprise and ISV developer ecosystem in Middle East and Africa, and ensure that developers use all the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud App platform, get needed support in co-marketing efforts in the region and Worldwide. Developer and IT Pro readiness, Application development, deployment (Enterprise) and promotion (B2C/B2B) are the topics Renat can help you and your customers with.
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