Digital Government Journey Webinar

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Digital Government Journey Webinar

June 23, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (GMT+4)

These difficult times have showed us how important it is for governments to connect with their community and be able to collaborate across agencies, as well as partners in the private sector.

Join us and our partners to uncover the tools available, the journey ahead, and other governments’ experience as we will:

  • discuss the pathways to preserve trustworthy operations by providing strong protection for citizens and employees identity, cybersecurity, privacy, and digital safety throughout this crisis.
  • explore what is needed to enable and promote an inclusive economic recovery by using technology to help governments, enterprises, and small businesses sustain operations and deliver services. All while adapting to new public health norms.







11:00 AM

20 min

Keynote: Microsoft Middle East learnings on the COVID pandemic implications for governments

  • Working from home. Enabling government employees to access systems, communicate and perform their duties as if they were in the office.
  • Engaging with citizens. Deploying solutions that were able to deal with significant increases in outbound communications to citizens and conversely scalable solutions to service inbound citizen requests.
  • Situational awareness. Using tools that provided methods to capture, consolidate, analyze, and subsequently provide actionable data.
  • Keeping secure. Ensuring that systems and data were being kept secure and compliant with local standards as well as implementing the social distancing measure to ensure health and safety of employees and citizens

Mazen Fayad, Government Industry Lead, Microsoft Middle East & Africa


Tom Isherwood, Partner, McKinsey & Company


Aydin Aslaner, Senior Industry Technology Strategist, Microsoft Middle East & Africa

11:20 AM

25 min

Citizen identity and security: as the foundation of digital, secure government services

Aldis Vilums, Public Sector Services Solutions Architect, Microsoft EMEA

11:45 AM

25 min

Remote governing: The Australian experience (Virtual meetings, eSignature, voting, digital consultations etc.)

Jonathan Ruckert, Founder, NovaWorks

12:10 PM

20 min

Recovery is a government ecosystem play: The Government Open Innovation Technology Platform

Mazen Fayad, Government Industry Lead, Microsoft Middle East & Africa

12:30 PM

5 min

Q&A and conclusions