What makes an intelligent
supply chain?

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What makes an intelligent
supply chain?

18 November 2020 l 03:30 PM - 04:30 PM | (GMT+04:00)

Supply chain disruptions are costly. Not only do they hurt revenue in the short term, but the effects can linger long after that initial disruption, creating an opening for your competitors. So, how can your organization prepare?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you build a resilient supply chain, enabling your organization to adapt successfully to any supply chain disruption and ensure business continuity. It gives you a full end-to-end view of your supply chain, empowering you to make data-driven decisions on supply and demand during times of crisis.

In this webinar, Khurram Zaki, Microsoft MEA Product Manager – Dynamics 365 Unified Operations, Ramy Fares, Microsoft MEA Industry Director for Retail, CPG & Travel, and Arvind Agrawal, CEO Jumbo Electronics will discuss why agility in the planning, sourcing, and distribution processes are paramount in responding effectively to crises, and then ramping up again after a return to normal.

Furthermore, Microsoft partner Annata Management Solutions will explain how organizations can move away from transactional financial management to adopting predictive and proactive operations that will help them adapt quickly while driving performance and protecting revenue.

Register for the webinar and find out how to create resilience, stay profitable, and keep your competitive edge with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Session Name Duration
Why a digital supply chain is necessary for your success 0:05
Panel discussion: how to build a smart supply chain, a conversation with Jumbo Electronics 0:20
Discover a better way to run your business with Dynamics 365 0:10
How to adapt quickly, drive performance, and protect revenue with Annata 0:15
What you can do today to create business resilience and stay profitable 0:05
How Sheba Medical Center met demand and became resilient in times of change 0:05

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