IDC Whitepaper - The Impact of
Cloud in South Africa

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IDC Whitepaper - The Impact of Cloud in South Africa

Organizations in South Africa are looking beyond macroeconomic challenges to leverage emerging technologies and invest in modernization and digital transformation initiatives.

The launch of Microsoft datacenters in Cape Town and Johannesburg in early 2019 has accelerated innovation by start-ups and micro and small businesses. Cloud solutions offer these firms opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency, scalability, and business agility.

This IDC White Paper examines trends and developments in the South African cloud market and provides insights into cloud adoption in the country.

Download the whitepaper to learn about the following topics:

  • Business Priorities for South Africa-Based Organizations
  • Factors Driving the Adoption of Cloud Services
  • Business Benefits Achieved or Expected from Cloud
  • Impact of Local Datacenter Availability
  • Workload Migration to Cloud
  • Azure’s Significant Benefits for IT and Business Operations
  • Azure’s Impact on IT Infrastructure, Staffing, and Productivity
Download the whitepaper