Cloud Management and Budget Optimisation


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Cloud Management and Budget Optimisation

26-June-2018 from 02:00pm till 03:00pm (GMT+4)

Learn How to Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure Costs

While the benefits of cloud are clear, the on-demand nature of cloud use often results in uncontrolled cloud costs, requiring a completely new approach to managing and optimizing spend.

As a result, enterprise IT organizations need to develop new approaches and processes to manage and optimize cloud costs.

To reduce your cloud costs, you must first identify waste by uncovering inefficient use of cloud resources. Cloud cost optimization is not a once-and-done process, but you can immediately start saving money on your cloud infrastructure costs if you address "steps" that account for the majority of wasted cloud spend and budget overruns.

in this Webinar we will focus on Azure:

  • Identify unused or underused cloud resources
  • Identify the best discounting options based on your usage level
  • Evaluate the most cost-effective regions and instance sizes
  • Implement budget controls to avoid surprises
  • Manage your usage to leverage existing discounts


Danielle Platt
Azure Cost Management Sales Manager

Guy Shuchman
Solution Architect

David Dyckman
Solution Architect
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