White Paper: Dive deep into small data with big data techniques

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White Paper: Dive deep into small data with big data techniques


When you have limited resources and big data to crunch in real time, it makes sense to use the cloud. A less obvious scenario is to have data that isn’t very big and the need isn’t for instantaneous feedback—but the only way to get the crunching done in a timely and financially responsible way is to tap the cloud.

That’s the situation the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) was in. Their data wasn’t big, but they needed compute-intensive, sophisticated predictive modeling done each month.

They asked analytics professional services firm Inquidia Consulting to help.

The DWD develops programs designed to transform Indiana’s workforce into the finest in the nation. A key to help boost this premier workforce is to provide job seekers with information about the skills and competencies employers are looking for when filling job openings. With this information, job seekers, employers, educators, and policy makers can make well-informed decisions, ensuring Indiana’s workforce is able to meet the needs of the economy.

As DWD Commissioner Steven Braun summarized, “Our mission is to ensure job seekers have the skills they need to land a fulfilling Hoosier job. An outstanding workforce will allow Indiana employers to flourish and help entice businesses from outside the state to consider relocation in Indiana.”