Harvard Business Review Analytic Services- Manufacturing White Paper

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Harvard Business Review Analytic Services- Manufacturing White Paper

Two stalwarts of the Australian economy – manufacturing and resources – are being heavily influenced by digital change. Already geographically isolated and with a small local market, these industries are facing additional challenges such as changing consumer behaviours, increasing global competition and rising operating costs.

Microsoft is deeply committed to helping the Australian manufacturing and resources industries to re-invent themselves to survive in the digital age. To this end, we have sponsored a report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBR-AS) to explore what successful transformation looks like for organisations in manufacturing and resources. You can access our findings in this report: Manufacturing transformed: a digital agenda for Australia’s manufacturing and resources industries.

One such organisation is Redback Boots, an Australian boot manufacturer that has doubled it’s production since investing in new technologies. These investments include leading-edge automation technology to optimise its leather cutting and boot manufacturing, and a powerful marketing and administration platform in the form of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365. You can read more about Redback Boots’ story here.

Another organisation; Sodexo, a global facilities management firm, with leading solutions for the mining sector has harnessed Microsoft technologies to underpin a major digital and business transformation. Efficiency gains unleashed by the initiative have already saved one of Sodexo’s mining clients tens of millions of dollars in the start-up phase. You can read more about Sodexo’s story here.

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