HL7 FHIR on Azure: A Global Approach to Healthcare Interoperability

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HL7 FHIR on Azure: A Global Approach to Healthcare Interoperability

Discover how HL7 FHIR on Azure is instantiating HL7 FHIR based servers, services, solutions, and scenarios.

Healthcare interoperability has been a fleeting objective in the US and around the world. Efforts such as the creation of the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in 2004, which targeted a nationally coordinated Health Information Technology (HIT) solution, have not reached the anticipated and hyped levels of success.

At Microsoft, we believe that healthcare interoperability should also include areas such as identity interoperability across the extended enterprise to enable clinical collaboration; data interoperability to truly drive insights, trigger actions, and accelerate outcomes; process interoperability to extend and automate healthcare workflows; device interoperability; and modern technology such as cloud computing and Blockchain to enable and accelerate interoperability.

This e-book will explore these topics with a focus on HL7 FHIR, why it works, what improvements it brings to healthcare interoperability over existing standards, and what Azure services support FHIR development and implementation.

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