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Get all the new capabilities of the latest SQL Server 2016 Standard edition

With the latest updates to SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition, key SQL Server innovations are now available across editions. The latest service pack for SQL Server 2016 standard edition makes key features more available to you at an incredibly low cost. Standard Edition Plus, new applications will be able to run fluidly on both enterprise and standard edition while you get marquee benefits from multiple Microsoft platforms. Improve your uptime with basic high availability and leverage self-service BI with tabular modules and take advantage of the new features listed below, all now built into SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition.

  • ADD: Improve your up-time with Basic high availability
  • Leverage Self Service with Tabular Models

The benefits of new capabilities built-in to Standard Edition include:

  • Most secure Database: Dramatically bolster security with always encripted technology leveraging row-level security and dynamic data masking. 
  • #1/price to performance: ]Get faster performance and better inishgts with in-memory OLTP and operational and in-database analytics, all at the cost of standard edition
  • Cost effective hybrid database: Leverage the cloud with stretch database capabilities, cloud back-up encryption support, larger SQL Server VMs and memory
  • Predictive capabilities: Start doing predictive modelling with basic R Services integration and connectivity to R Open
  • Business Intelligence: Create and share better insights by creating enhanced multidimensional models and pinning reports to power BI

Talk to a specialist to learn more all the benefits that the new capabilities included in SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition and get it now.