Grow Your Software Business in the Cloud
Live webinars

Webinar series for business and technical leaders
February 13th - March 10th, 2017

Many software development companies have already taken advantage of the cloud opportunity.
Learn how to generate additional revenue from the cloud: join our live webinars!
• best practice stories of cloud business companies
• how to design, run and manage a Microsoft Azure based business
• how to position, articulate and sell cloud services
• latest industry insights

The webinars cover both business and technical aspects of the topics and are targeted at software company owners, general managers, directors of sales and marketing.

The Cloud Opportunity – Understanding The Azure Story

February, 13th starts 11.00 (GMT+3)

Today’s customers have different preferences of IT delivery, some prefer IT-as-a-Service, some prefer IT-as-a-Project and others prefer a Hybrid combination of both. The variety of preferences makes it harder and harder for providers to maintain a foothold in a broader market and, eventually, for sellers to sell. In today’s hybrid world, it’s important to work with a vendor that offers open platforms and platform services that can run in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid setup, allowing you to address the needs of even the most demanding customers. Join us to learn about the rising cloud opportunities, market drivers & trends, openness of the cloud world, but also the business and opportunity overview of Azure, an open and flexible cloud service platform, that could enable your company to increase the market reach and profitability by building and managing enterprise, mobile, Web apps faster and with less resources needed.

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Learn From Good Practice Partners – ISVs Monetizing With Azure

February, 20th starts 11.00 (GMT+3)

In 2016 we delivered Cloud business enablement sessions for more than 300 partners in 24 countries around the globe and we learned that the best performing partners are indeed doing it differently.

We’ll share successful, insightful good practice stories of ISVs that managed to develop and grow their business with the Azure Platform. We’ll cover various areas of possibilities about how are good performers taking advantage of the Azure platform, how are they complementing it with OSS solutions, exploring the market, addressing the customers and constantly creating new monetization buckets while keeping the right balance between the old and new.

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Lead Generation – How To Generate The Interest For Your Service

February, 27th starts 11.00 (GMT+3)

Buyer's journey has changed a lot in the last few years. Different types of customers are buying Cloud services at the different time, at a different pace and for a different reason. Traditional marketing practices are losing the attention of customers since they have learned to ignore them. Today’s customers start their cloud services buying process by educating themselves well before the first interaction with the vendors. We will speak about the Market drivers, characteristics of first cloud services customers and tactics to provide your potential customers with clear and detailed insights they seek! How to become a part of their education? And most of all, how to create a quality buzz and differentiate in an increasingly noisy market?

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Sales Tactics – The Client Conversation And Cloud Objection Handling

March, 6th starts 11.00 (GMT+3)

Many of today's customers have several objections about Cloud adoption. In reality, many objections are based on the lack of information, insights and understanding. The ones that are embracing Cloud services today, are doing it for different reasons and we should learn from that. In order to cross the chasm of trust we need to approach them with a more educational sales approach as well as communicate the right massage to the right people at the right time. What are the steps to follow when addressing a potential opportunity? What are the talking points to challenge and disrupt the clients in their thinking?

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The Cloud Providers’ Landscape Today – Getting Started

February, 16th starts 10.00 (GMT+3)

Moving to Cloud is a strategic decision, maybe even more important than selecting your primary technology for your company was 10 years ago. We will compare the providers and their solutions today, with a brief introduction on how they got here, and what we can predict for the next years.

As a first pragmatic scenario, we will also discuss about Dev and Test (Continuous Integration) with Azure:
a. Automating builds, tests and releases with Visual Studio Online
b. Dev Test labs
c. Continuous delivery with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Visual Studio

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First Azure Decision: How To Deploy My Solution (Iaas Vs Paas)

February, 24th starts 10.00 (GMT+3)

Insights on how to deploy / host / run my solution. The first and most important decision for a solution in Azure is how to run it. Should I use IaaS, PaaS, which kind of PaaS?

a. Why is IaaS still a solution for application hosting in Azure
b. Cloud Services with Web and Worker Roles – the first option for development teams
c. Web Apps are a very useful PaaS option too, and we will see differences vs Web Roles

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Second Azure Decision: Azure Data Mix - Choosing The Data Technologies

March, 3rd starts 10.00 (GMT+3)

The data mix, or choosing the data technologies, is the second most important decision for an Azure solution.

a. Introduction on Data persistence options in Azure. Relational vs NoSQL
b. SQL Server in VMs (IaaS)
c. SQL Database as a Service. Database Service Tiers
d. Architectural considerations for a Database in a shared environment
e. Azure Storage: Blobs, Tables and Queues introduction and what they have been designed for
f. Document DB

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Architectural Considerations For A Saas Solution In Azure

March, 10th starts 10.00 (GMT+3)

The biggest challenges when moving a solution to Azure.

a. Paradigm shifts: state management, load balancing, working with services in a shared environment
b. Azure and multi-tenant solution
c. Azure Design Patterns

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