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Going digital-first: Enhanced productivity is just the beginning

Your IT department is the most underutilized resource in your company, and it’s time to rethink its role. Expand your enterprise in ways you never thought possible by integrating technology into every aspect of your business. By creating an ecosystem that revolutionizes how you operate and compete, digital transformation brings limitless potential to empower your employees and boost customer engagement. Learn how to maximize your IT and become a disruptive force in your industry—starting today.

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Use This Framework to Take Digital to the Core of Your Business

To compete in the digital era, CEOs, CIOs and other leaders must extend digital business from isolated pockets to the core of products, strategy and business models. Use this research to set a course, and stay oriented during the transition.
Analyst(s): Graham P. Waller, Mark Raskino

Roadmap For a Digital-First Business: Microsoft’s Transformation Story

Microsoft executives share their perspectives on digital transformation and how IT has partnered with them to enable innovation through technology. Leverage Microsoft's transformation story to help build your own roadmap for a digital-first business.