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Use This custom report from Forrester to discover how to accelerate digital transformation in your business.
Many enterprises fall short in their digitization efforts, employing limited strategies that “bolt on” digital enhancements to yesterday’s traditional business. These organizations fail to capitalize on the full potential of digital to create new sources of customer value, and they risk losing customers. As a result, successfully leading digital transformation requires an understanding of which paths lead to success.

In February 2017, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to better understand how enterprises across the globe are pursuing digital strategies. This study focuses on the outcomes they sought, the challenges they faced, and the improvements they are realizing. More specifically, this study highlights the role that technology has played in accelerating digital transformation efforts — showcasing specific benefits received by incorporating key technology pieces into the overall business strategy.

Roadmap For a Digital-First Business: Microsoft’s Transformation Story
Microsoft executives share their perspectives on digital transformation and how IT has partnered with them to enable innovation through technology. Leverage Microsoft's transformation story to help build your own roadmap for a digital-first business.