Enable simple, seamless, secure collaboration across—and beyond—your enterprise

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Take B2B collaboration further with resource access that’s user-friendly and IT-approved

Collaboration is the secret to working smarter, not harder. Organizations that grant third-party access to internal tools can reap big benefits by collaborating with other businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

With new B2B capabilities in Azure Active Directory, you can share documents, resources, and applications with key partners while maintaining full control over valuable corporate data.

Enabling business without borders: Solving the business-to-business collaboration challenge explores these B2B collaboration capabilities in detail, including how Azure Active Directory can help your business:  

  • Work with anyone from any organization; partners can even use their own sign-in credentials.
  • Add external collaborators directly to your organization without additional administrative overhead.
  • Grant access to a growing list of SaaS, third-party, and on-premises applications that integrate with Azure Active Directory.
  • Enforce multifactor authentication (MFA) policies to protect sensitive data, even if your partner doesn’t have MFA capabilities.
  • Apply location-based conditional access policies to prevent access from unsanctioned areas.