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Break free from expensive data solutions with mysterious, frustrating pricing plans and surprise add-ons. With SQL Server, you get breakthrough in-memory performance across all workloads, mission critical high availability, and end-to-end business intelligence and advanced analytics tools—all in one package. Register today to learn more about migrating to SQL Server with free training and subsidized services. When it comes to managing your data and lowering costs—there’s really no comparison.

Join speakers Erick Ellis and Debbi Lyons for the webinar, Move beyond barriers: Drive business transformation by migrating from Oracle to SQL Server, to learn why migrating from Oracle to SQL Server can give your business a competitive advantage with enhanced performance and significantly lower TCO. Register for this webinar and Q&A today to learn more about:

  • SQL Server’s proven ability to lower TCO
  • How SQL Server beats Oracle in price/performance
  • SQL Server’s built-in mobile BI and advanced analytics capabilities
  • Best practices and tips for migration

Debbi Lyons

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Erick Ellis

Microsoft Principal Program Manager