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We  have a special treat Adam Saxton aka "Guy in a Cube" will be joining Charles Sterling to cover their favorite Power BI features and take a look at some best practices to avoid common pitfalls.

About the Presenters:

Adam Saxton aka Guy in a Cube is for people working on Microsoft products that want to resolve issues they are facing or learn more about how the products work. We will explore different things and try to learn things and grow skills along the way.

Charles Sterling aka Chuck came to Microsoft from being a marine biologist working for United States National Marine Fisheries doing marine mammal research on the Bering Sea. Started out at Microsoft supporting Excel and moved to being an escalation engineer for Microsoft SQL Server. Taking his love for customers (and diving), Chuck moved to Australia as a product manager and developer evangelist for the .NET Framework. In 2008 he moved back to Redmond as the Visual Studio community program manager and just recently moved to the Power BI team to continue his community passion and looking after the Power BI influencers and MVPs.