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The way we tell stories online has changed, in part, due to the ever-growing volume and availability of data. What’s an opinion actually worth when we can get hard facts with a few clicks of the mouse?

Today the best stories are often interactive, visually compelling, and include rich data. Many bloggers, journalists, newspaper columnists, and authors use data to help emphasize their position and engage their audience. Power BI publish to web makes it easy for writers like you to weave interactive data visualizations into your story without requiring you to write any code.

Microsoft Power BI publish to web empowers you to tell compelling stories with interactive data visualizations. You can easily embed Power BI visualizations in your blog or website, or share stunning visuals through email or social media. With Power BI publish to web, it’s easy and fast to edit, update, refresh, or un-share visuals.

In this webinar we share with you the best practices to create effective data stories with Power BI publish to web. Lear how to get started with compelling public facing data stories in minutes!