Azure confidential computing
partner webinar series

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Azure confidential computing
partner webinar series

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Azure confidential computing helps increase data privacy by protecting data-in-use and enables greater AI insights by helping secure multiparty data analytics.

Want to accelerate your journey? Do you want to learn about some of the options you have for protecting your data in use? Microsoft and Intel have built an ecosystem of partners to make it easier to transition your workloads to confidential computing. Our partners have proven success for various end-users looking to leverage Intel SGX on Azure in their solutions.

This webinar series will showcase the strengths of various partners, allowing attendees to ask questions, get in contact, and determine the best partner to help them with confidential computing.

Register today to learn from these experts in the field of confidential computing

    • What is Azure Confidential Computing with Microsoft & Intel
    • Securing Business Application in Azure with Anjuna Confidential Computing Software with Anjuna Security
    • Fusing confidential computing and cloud-native in Azure with Edgeless Systems
    • Securing AI Workloads with Fortanix® Confidential Computing Solutions with Fortanix
    • Secure Key Management for the Cloud with Fortanix Data Security Manager™ SaaS with Fortanix
    • Confidential Computing with SCONE - Demonstrating confidential PySpark with Scontain
    • How to reconcile privacy and AI with Confidential Computing with Mithril Security
    • Decentriq Data Clean Rooms: Spotlight on its Applications in Healthcare with Decentriq


Stefano Tempesta

Senior Program Manager,
Azure Confidential Computing


Jesse Schrater

Global Director of Security,
Intel Enterprise & Industry Solutions


Michael Johnson
Chief Information Security Officer,
(CISO) Novi (Meta's FinTech unit)


Steve Van Lare
VP of Engineering,
Anjuna Security


Clenimar Souza
Software Engineer,
Scontain GmbH


Felix Schuster
Edgeless Systems


Richard Searle
VP of Confidential
Fortanix, Inc.


Pawan Khandavilli
Product Manager,
Confidential Computing
Fortanix, Inc.


Vishal Gupta
Product Director,
Data Security Manager
Fortanix, Inc.


Daniel Huynh
Mithril Security


Pierre Cholet
Head of Business


Asad Preuss-Dodhy
Data Privacy Lead
Roche Diagnostics


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