Internal Referral Form

Internal Referral Form

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Internal Referral Form

This form is to be used by multiple roles who would like to connect an unmanaged customer to Digital Sales Demand Response for sales follow up. Please find your role below and follow the guidance for submission. If your role is not listed, then do not use this form Instead please have the Customer fill out a Contact Me form: DynamicsAzureOfficeIf the deal criteria is not met, then do not use this form as Demand Response is not the appropiate sale motion for your customer.  
Note: In sharing customers’ details, you are responsible for ensuring privacy and consent compliance. Microsoft is committed to honoring our customers’ permission to be contacted. Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring that the customer has provided permission for their contact details to be shared with our Digital Sales team.

Eligible Roles: Use this form if you hold one of the roles below 

Executive at MS 
An Executive Leader at Microsoft refers an unmanaged customer to Demand Response for sales assistance.
Demand Response Seller 
Demand Response sellers have a cross-selling opportunity outside their workload/pod scope.
Customer Success Manager 
Customer Success Manager refers a customer who needs to buy a product outside of their scope.
CSS Support GROW
CSS Engineer refers a customer who needs help with solutioning or cloud migrations after the support conversation.
Territory Channel Manager 
SMB Leader, Customer Program Manager or Territory Channel Manager identify a customer or partner-led, strategic opportunity where Microsoft Sales involvement is needed.
Field Seller
Corporate or Enterprise sellers may need to pass an unmanaged customer to Demand Response.
Inside Channel Manager                                                                                       
Work with direct partners on EA renewal business to drive customer retention, cloud growth, and cloud consumption. May reach out for support if partner doesn't have the right resources, is unresponsive, or requests help outside of your scope.
Customer Lifecycle Manager 
Customer Lifecycle resources can refer customers whooutside of a true upare looking to purchase additional products.
Partner Development Manager 
For ISV Breadth Pilot use only when a PDM/IPDM/PDM-R is engaged with a breadth ISV account and requires technical, licensing, dealmaking, or other support from Digital Sales. See detailed referral submission instructions here.

Deal Criteria
Use this form only if the below criteria is met 

Modern Workplace
Business Applications
  • Customer Cloud Only [no on-prem]

  • Custom net new to Azure with a min deal size of $500/month [$6K a year]
    OR using Azure and consuming less
    than $3.5K/month [$42k a year].   
  •  Cloud only [no on-prem]

  • Any commercial customer with min deal size of $1k/month
  • Cloud only
    [no on-prem]

  • Any commercial customer with
    min deal size
    of $1k/month

Form Instructions: 
  • Select your role in the “Submitter’s functional group” as noted in the role table above.
  • Please fill out all the fields in the form with the appropriate information.
  • If the product or country you want to select isn’t displayed, it is not supported by Demand Response and you should not use this form.
  • In the "Comments" field, type in:
  • How the opportunity was discovered
  • Customer/Partner name (with MPN ID)
  • Customer/Partner contact information: Name/email/phone number.
  • Estimated deal size, customer scenario, needs, opportunity details, close date
  • Please indicate if you would like the seller to contact you prior to first partner/customer engagement!
  • Include other relevant info you may have (e.g. Subscription ID, Tenant ID, TPID) 

What to Expect After Submission:

  • You should receive 2 email communications post submission of the form
  • The first email communication should happen within a few minutes of submitting the form. This email confirms your request is being processed by Marketo and includes Marketo Lead Id along with Support Ticket Id (if applicable).
  • The second email communication will be sent once the lead has been assigned to a seller in Demand Reponse. This can typically take up to 48 hours. 
  • If you do not receive the second email communication within 48 hours, please email [email protected] and ensure you provide the Marketo Id along with Support ticket Id (If applicable) for further investigation. 
  • If you have any issues with your lead not being available in Daily recommender Tool, please send an email to Daily Recommender support [email protected]


More information about Internal Referrals – Click Here 
Questions? Please email [email protected]

NOTE: If you are in a CSS Support role, when you select Support from the Submitters functional group, a new field called Support Ticket ID will display. Please put your support ticket number in that field.  For the most up-to-date CSS guidance, please refer to this KB articleIf you have further questions, please contact [email protected]