Fireblocks: A secure way to enter crypto and digital assets

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Fireblocks: A secure way to enter crypto and digital assets

January 10, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

Join us for the upcoming webinar Fireblocks: A secure way to enter crypto and digital assets.

Crypto and digital assets are more than just Bitcoin and Ether. With the proliferation of stablecoins, NFTs and the ability to tokenize real world assets, new use cases are being developed daily that have the potential to disrupt multiple sectors of the global economy - from financial services to gaming to art & collectibles to payments. Everyone is trying to determine the potential impact that digital assets can have on their business but a key consideration most miss early on is how foundational security is to long-term success and viability in the digital asset space.

In this webinar, Fireblocks, an $8 billion industry leading digital asset technology platform, will discuss how the world of digital assets is evolving, the impact it could have on your business and how security should be one of your main priorities when thinking about entering the space.

Shahar Madar, Head of Product, Security at Fireblocks will explore potential digital asset use cases, how Fireblocks utilizes Microsoft Azure confidential computing as part of their multi-layer security strategy and how you should be thinking about security when entering this space.

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Shahar Madar

Head of Product Security

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