Serverless Confidential Computing
Presented by R3

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Serverless Confidential Computing
Presented by R3

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Azure confidential computing brings data-in-use protection to provide added defense-in-depth when processing sensitive data to the cloud. Leveraging a Microsoft and Intel partner makes it easier to transition your workload to confidential computing.

Conclave Cloud is a new confidential computing platform for hosting privacy-preserving applications using Intel SGX.

The Conclave Cloud platform will bring together a variety of services that will seamlessly integrate with each other providing a rich set of tools for implementing solutions. With Conclave Functions, we delivered the first service of the Conclave Cloud platform. It is a serverless execution environment that allows stateless functions to be hosted, executed, and scaled on demand whilst ensuring your data is always encrypted—even during processing.

In this webinar, R3, will present how Conclave Cloud is taking advantage of Intel SGX and the Azure confidential computing infrastructure to ensure the integrity and privacy of the user's data as well as providing hardware-backed assurances over the exact code that will be processing the data. Moreover, we will show a demo, how to create your first Conclave Function.

Roy Hopkins and Emilia Suarez of R3 will be available during this live session to answer questions. Attendees will have access to resources and speaker bios through the event platform.

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Roy Hopkins

Principal Engineer R3

Roy is a Principal Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in software development. He has devoted the last 14 years to cybersecurity specializing in enterprise data protection and encryption, with a strong focus on using hardware such as TPMs and trusted execution environments such as Intel SGX to harden security. Roy has been at R3 for 2 years where he leads the development team for Conclave Cloud - the R3 privacy preserving platform-as-a-service.

Emilia Suarez

Software Engineer R3

Emi is a Software Engineer working on the frontend for Conclave Cloud. She joined R3 in 2020 and prior to Conclave she was responsible for designing, defining, and developing the frontend for Corda Managed Services. Her focus is on building intuitive and accessible UX/UI and enhancing developer experience.