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A how-to guide for IT Pros

Every organization and every industry is being transformed by the trend towards cloud and mobility.

There is no shortage of narrow point solutions that can provide bits and pieces of the overarching solution you need – but modern IT departments face enough day-to-day challenges without having to constantly fine tune and integrate a bunch of different products.

We’ve assembled a step-by-step guide to help you address the challenges you face as you work to go mobile, stay mobile, and protect your data with an end-to-end solution. Download this free ebook to learn:

  • How application policy relates to providing secure e-mail
  • How to set up policy for MAM without enrollment apps via application managed policy
  • How to create device configuration policies for both corporate-owned and personally owned devices
  • How to authenticate and authorize access to your company resources
  • How to get end-to-end protection for mobile e-mail up and running in your own environment.