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Public Safety & Justice Industry Digital Forum

May 25, 2021 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM PDT

Microsoft Industry Digital Forum
SECURE TO THE CORE - Helping Public Safety & Justice agencies to address cybersecurity

Cyberattacks on government are increasing – even before COVID, 2/3 of these attacks targeted state and local government organizations. From January to May 2020 there was a 350% increase in phishing attempts. Attacks are now automated, and remote work has increased this risk. To counter cybercrime and support their operations, government solutions must:

  • Modernize legacy systems, enhance cyber-resilience, and create a secure and compliant foundation for the future.
  • Protect personal information and information shared across organizations, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information at the right time.
  • Increase trust and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Prevent data loss from accidental or malicious internal leaks and protect data integrity.
  • Ensure critical operations are supported through a resilient and highly available infrastructure.

During this event, you’ll learn how Microsoft manages cyber security across its cloud platforms and how it partners with law enforcement to battle cybercrime.

Host : Kirk Lonbom, Director, Public Safety and Justice Strategy, US State and Local Government, Microsoft

Alex Kreilein, Senior Program Manager, Azure Global, Microsoft
Michael McDonald, Business Analyst, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), Microsoft
John Dellinger, Chief Security Advisor, Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC), Microsoft


Alex Kreilein
Senior Program Manager, Azure Global

Alex Kreilein is the Senior Program Manager for Azure Global at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, he served as Chief Information Security Officer for RapidDeploy, which is a SaaS company supporting public safety and emergency response. Previously, Alex co-founded the nation's first cybersecurity boot camp, led an investment platform focused on bringing novel cybersecurity products to market, and had a tenured career in the Federal Government of the United States focused on cybersecurity and critical infrastructure. Alex is a graduate of CU Boulder's College of Engineering and Applied Science with a M.S. in Telecommunications Science and the US Naval War College with a M.A. in National Security & Strategic Studies.

Michael McDonald
Business Analyst, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU)

Michael has been working with large scale data technologies for the last fifteen years, ten of those for the DCU. His current passion as a member of the Analytics team is to merge the resonant technologies of large scale relational data analytics with the power of machine learning. By merging these two technologies, the team has been able to develop new and more efficient ways of identifying the most prolific criminal networks to target for our investigations, disrupting criminal infrastructure at scale, and partnering with our engineering teams to improve the security of Microsoft products and services.

John Dellinger
Chief Security Advisor, Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC)

John started at Microsoft in April 2015 as part of the Digital Security and Risk Engineering Threat Intelligence Team responsible for researching cyber security incidents, analysing them for their relevance to Microsoft, and advising senior leadership on the threats and vulnerabilities that most impact the company and our customers. In October 2018, he transitioned to Cybersecurity Solutions Group where, as a Chief Security Advisor, he leads customer engagements in the Cyber Defense Operations Center and the Cybercrime Center. John’s career includes 20 years of military service in both the United States Marine Corps and the Royal Australian Navy. He holds a Masters of International Relations from Johns Hopkins University.

Kirk Lonbom
Director, Public Safety and Justice Strategy, US State and Local Government

Kirk Lonbom has four decades of experience in state and local government with the majority of his career focused on public safety. Kirk began his career as a police officer, serving in uniform, investigations, undercover and intelligence roles and leadership. His transition from on the street experience to public safety technologist and strategist includes service as the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Illinois State Police, CIO for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Illinois’ first statewide Chief Information Security Officer. Kirk retired from government service in 2018 after serving as the CIO and cabinet level Secretary for the State of Illinois. At Microsoft, Kirk helps to drive national strategy and business development for public safety and justice.