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Telecommunications Industry Digital Forum

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Microsoft Industry Digital Forum
Empowering the telco journey to the cloud

Watch Monte Hong, Worldwide Business Strategy Leader: Communication Industry, Microsoft, Ronen Fischler Head of Data Intelligence Business Unit, Amdocs and George Glass, Chief Technology Officer, TM Forum, as they talk about how telecommunication organizations are embracing the cloud to streamline BSS workloads and are leveraging data to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

During this webinar we will learn how to:

  • Use data-driven insights and AI to deliver personalized content and experiences to earn customers for life
  • Accelerate time-to-market by speeding new service design, testing, and deployment fueled by automated processes and data-driven insights
  • Simplify BSS workflows and realize efficiencies through intelligent processes and automation on a trusted and secure cloud


Monte Hong, Worldwide Business Strategy Leader, Communication Industry, Microsoft

In his Business Strategy role, Mr. Hong reports to General Manger Worldwide Media & Communications and is responsible for defining Microsoft’s overall strategy for Communications, driving adoption of the strategy, providing industry thought leadership, architecting industry offerings, active participation with sales teams and building executive relationships with customers.

Ronen Fischler, Head of Data Intelligence Business Unit, Amdocs

Ronen Fischler is a seasoned data, AI & analytics executive with over 25 years of expertise leading and driving growth across large, medium, and start-up organizations. With boundless experience and proficiency in artificial and business intelligence, Ronen applies intelligent analytics to extract actionable insights, enabling Fortune 500 companies to transform their business. Leading the amdocs data, AI & analytics, Ronen is Thought leader in his domain, Ronen shares his perspectives on artificial intelligence as a game-changer for creating enhanced customer experiences.

George Glass, Chief Technology Officer,TM Forum

George joined the TM Forum in 2018. Prior to joining the TM Forum, he was the Chief Systems Architect for BT and led BT’s engagement with the TM Forum for over five years. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of software engineering. George led architectural transformations within BT for over 15 years. He was one of the original authors and creators of BT’s Service Oriented Architecture, built upon TM Forum standards, which has persisted, and evolved and has enabled the transformation of BT from a telephone company to the digital service provider that it is today. BTs digitally enabled platform-based architecture is centered on delivering excellent customer experience in a predictable and repeatable manner.

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