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Want to know how we built the HowOldRobot? Come learn about the Cortana Intelligence Perceptual APIs. These set of APIs allow you to quickly develop applications that require insights on the world around you, from streams such as text, audio, and images. These general-purpose machine learnt models have been used across many Microsoft first-party products and are now available as part of the Cortana Intelligence Gallery to power your applications. Computer Vision & Face APIs let your code understand and manipulate image content. Speech APIs enable you to communicate with users using audio, thanks to both speech recognition as well as speech synthesis. Text Analytics can help you understand what unstructured text is about, and identify sentiment and key phrases. LUIS brings natural-language understanding to any application through a simple model creation UX that relies on active learning to improve the model with use over time.

Elad Ziklik

Principal Program Manager,

Ryan Galgon

Senior Program Manager,