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IoT projects can be complex, with many steps and long timelines to completion. If businesses don’t accurately plan and address some of the common challenges at the outset, it can be difficult to move the project forward to achieve business results. But the rewards — deeper data-driven insights, process efficiencies, and the opportunity to transform a business — make it worth the effort to create the Internet of Your Things.

Join speaker Jerry Lee, director of Product Marketing for IoT, for our webinar, How to Tackle the Top 3 Challenges of IoT Projects. Learn how you can start small by leveraging your existing assets and untapped data to achieve new insights, then scale out solutions to achieve real business transformation.

During this webinar and live Q&A, we’ll explore the biggest challenges that businesses face in adopting IoT, and strategies for overcoming them. You’ll also learn more about:

  • The path to IoT business value.
  • How IoT can create efficiencies in existing processes and enable new strategies.
  • The flexible tools and solutions that can help you create successful pilot projects.
  • Organizations that are currently transforming their business through IoT.

Find out how you can build on your existing infrastructure and assets to create the Internet of Your Things. We look forward to you joining us.

Jerry Lee

Director Product Marketing, Data Platform & IoT Mktg Microsoft