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Digital Technologies for Secure and Resilient Government Environments

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Governments around the world are building their critical infrastructures so that they are resilient when performing their operations under any condition that can happen so that economies can stay productive and that citizens can be secure and safe.

In this webinar, we will examine how governments around the world use technology to create secure environments for geostrategic resiliency - making sure that they can operate even under catastrophic events, operational resilience - making sure their national critical infrastructure is up and running, cyber resilience - protecting the national environment from growing cyberthreats and finally resilience with natural disasters - making sure that they are ready and prepared for the case that we cannot stop.

We will present strategic approach but also showcase some of the architectures and guidelines how to do that and how to implement them in a structured way.
  • Trends in Global Cybersecurity: Top 10 insights
  • Setting up holistic security strategy for the Government
  • Introduction to Resilient Government and Cybersecurity
  • Protecting Identities, Data, Apps and Services, Infrastructure in Cloud
  • Technologies and Platforms for Secure Government
  • Developing your own Cybersecurity Framework
  • Other Resources for Secure Environments