Artificial Intelligence: Empowering the Future of Digital Transformation


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Artificial Intelligence: Empowering the Future of Digital Transformation

April 24, 2019, 10 am – 3 pm CET

The era of artificial intelligence is upon us and has the potential to transform our lives, industries and society in ways that may be difficult to imagine. AI enables us to boost employee productivity and creativity, increase business agility, improve customer engagement, and jumpstart new product innovation – and that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

The Microsoft virtual summit, Artificial Intelligence: Empowering the Future of Digital Transformation, hosts Microsoft AI industry experts, senior leaders, and experienced professionals presenting topics like:

  • Making AI real for your business
  • Transforming business in the era of AI: Insights from the boardroom
  • Ethical and Responsible AI
  • AI Innovation at Microsoft

Simply, fill out the form and join us at the Artificial Intelligence: Empowering the Future of Digital Transformation virtual summit to witness the very latest from the world of AI!

Sessions and Speakers Highlights:

Keynote speech
  Joacim Damgard, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft CEE
International business leader and digital transformation agent with 20+ years in telecommunication and IT industries.
  Mark Torr, Data, AI & IoT Commercial Lead, Microsoft CEE
Mark helps organizations transform using IoT, Analytics, AI, Big Data and the Cloud.
Business AI sessions
  Piotr Marczuk, Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft Poland
Ethical and Responsible AI

Piotr engages with government elites, industry associations and NGOs. He monitors legislative regulatory developments, represents Microsoft interests, and also acts as Deputy Chairman of the Association of IT Industry Private Employers.
  Dmytro Turchyn, AI Product Marketing Lead, Microsoft CEE
AI Innovation at Microsoft

Dmytro is a professional with extensive experience in technology, focusing on data-driven business transformation and AI. He will share Microsoft's view on how AI can be both and opportunity and a responsibility for organizations, people and governments.
Industry AI Sessions
  Gábor Szabó, Manufacturing Industry Solutions Director, Microsoft CEE
Empowering Manufacturing

Gábor has worked with many industrial, automotive, metal and mining and pharma customers in the past across Central and Eastern Europe, helping them to match and design industrial manufacturing solutions to their needs. He will reveal how AI will transform manufacturing industry and how to stay on the cutting edge with digital manufacturing.

Learn from other experts how oil & gas, government, financial services, energy, manufacturing and retail industries are set to immeasurably transform, and discover how they are planning to introduce more intelligent products, goods and services.
Technical AI Sessions
  Darwin Schweitzer, Big Data & AI Advanced Workload Lead, Microsoft Worldwide
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Azure Databricks
  • Big Data/AI Advanced Workload Lead Knowledge Mining – Cognitive Search
  • Big Data/AI Advanced Workload Lead Azure AI Apps and Agents
An aspiring data engineer/scientist, and dedicated lifelong learner who contributes to Cloud Data Management & Analytics instruction at the University of Washington. Darwin will show you how to make AI real for your business.


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