Banking & Capital Markets:
Multichannel Customer Experience Management


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Banking & Capital Markets: Multichannel Customer Experience Management

25th October 2017, 11 am – 12 pm CET time

Global digitization, along with unprecedented changes to the financial services business model, is mandating transformation. With Microsoft banking solutions, you can reimagine the client experience, empower employees with modern digital workstyles, optimize operations through improved insight into compliance and risk management and transform products with open and connected systems and highly-automated digital processes.

Customer insights and customer experience solutions are pivotal to a new competitive selling strategy. Focusing on attracting and retaining customers with an innovative service experience through a 360-degree customer view.

From greeters to tellers to customer service reps, join us for a deep dive how Microsoft Cloud technologies provide employees with the information they need to deliver an exceptional, personalized service experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Microsoft can help you with Customer Experience Management Solutions
  • Key components to Customer Experience Management Solutions
  • How to intelligently anticipate customer needs, attract new customers with a redesigned sales experience and integrate social marketing to drive brand perception
  • Demo Personalized Customer Experience with VeriPark’s Next Best Action Solution –How to Improve inbound engagement with a next best conversation

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