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You build. You innovate. You choose. This is the cloud on your terms. Get started with Azure.

We are welcome you to a series of 5 webinars on basic Azure scenarios after which you will be able to create needed environment in a minutes.

These are on demand webinars, delivered by Azure users, with real experience.

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Profitable on-line shops running on Azure


Certainly the cloud proved numerous times to be the success key when it comes to IT investments and when it comes to running a highly scalable and highly available workload. However, when you look at the App Services’ blade you just created, you might be overwhelmed by the plethora of various configurations and settings you can do. During this session, I will walk you through some of the awesome services which help you run a highly scalable website in App Services, what you need to make sure you know in order to get a deeply monitored and analyze-able system and run performant without spending everything your business makes.

Alex Mang

Microsoft Azure MVP, CEO @ KeyTicket Solutions


Setting Up a Hybrid Cloud


You’ve probably heard about the concept of a hybrid cloud a lot and that certainly isn’t a surprise. However, what’s up with Express Route? How do you actually configure a Site-to-site VPN Connection? What about Point-To-Site connections? Do they work from *any* device? What else should you configure on your own? During this webinar, I will walk you through the technical steps you need to take in order to have a Site-To-Site opened and show you a few tips and tricks which should make the troubleshooting process a breeze.

Alex Mang

Microsoft Azure MVP, CEO @ KeyTicket Solutions


Azure AD Application Proxy: Use your on-premises applications in the cloud


What is Azure AD Application Proxy? What are the benefits of it? How AD works and how to configure it. Live Demo

Chris Spanougakis

MCT, MVP Identity & Access


Azure Storage is easy


Since the technology change for cloud services storage is cheaper and cheaper. If you think about right storage for you (for company, for test, for home) consider using Azure Storage. It‘s fast, scalable, available and cheap.
BIO: Independent Consultant, Data Platform MVP, Member of the Boards Leader, Speaker, Writer, Influencer, Blogger, Freelancer, Beard Owner, Cyclist, Photographer

Tobiasz "Anorak" Koprowski

Data Platform MVP, MCT, RedGate FORG+



Linux/Windows VM deployment in minutes


In webinar, we'll go through configuration and deployment of ARM V Ms, both Windows and Linux, in portal. We'll go through other deployment options. After deployment is finished, we'll show how to RDP to Windows Server and SSH to Linux.

Mustafa Toroman

System Engineer@COMP-IT ltd, MCT, MVP Microsoft Azure