Cybersecurity Learnings from The Ottawa Hospital
and Regional SOCs

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Cybersecurity Learnings from The Ottawa Hospital and Regional SOCs

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Microsoft Cloud Digital Series for Healthcare

In Canada, there has been an explosion of healthcare data due to the surge in digital healthcare services transformation over the course of the pandemic. Unlocking the value of this data requires industry-wide digital transformation. While this digital transformation is leading to better outcomes in healthcare—such as more personalized patient experiences and more streamlined operations—there is also the potential for increased security risks.

Join us as we discuss cybersecurity best practices and learnings from The Ottawa Hospital. We'll discuss the unique challenges in protecting healthcare data, practical learnings in cybersecurity technology solutions and perspectives on the regional security operations center initiative in Ontario.

By registering for this webinar - you'll also get a chance to get your questions answered regarding cybersecurity in Canadian healthcare with our live chat based Q&A.

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